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Different Types of Earrings and Earrings Designs

Different Types of Earrings and Earrings Designs

Different types of earrings and earrings designs. Whether you want to know which earrings will complete your look or which clasps will keep your jewelry safe, this guide is for you. From simple studs to chandelier earrings on French hooks, we share all the details you need to know about different types of earrings and clasps.


Simple and versatile, stud earrings are the most popular type of earrings. The stud earring includes a small accent that attaches to a post. The wearer threaded this post through their piercing and secure the earring in place with the back of the earring. Classic stud designs, like diamond studs and pearl studs, are great for everyday use. Minimalist studs can add just enough sparkle or color to your everyday outfit. More eye-catching studs, like beam studs or high-carat diamond studs, are the perfect accent to a high-end look.

Solitaire Earrings

Solitaire earrings are a specific type of stud earrings. Each earring in a pair of solitaire earrings has a unique stone. Examples of this timeless jewelry design include diamond solitaire earrings and pearl studs.

Hoop Earrings

Ring earrings are round earrings. Most traditional hoop earrings are round, but any ring design can be considered a hoop earring.

The bracelet is further away from the ears, making them more eye-catching than the studs. The larger and more detailed the ring, the more eye-catching it is. Small silver or gold bangles are discreet enough for everyday wear. Larger bangles and diamond bangles are perfect for more formal occasions that require extra sparkle.

Huggies Earrings

Huggie earrings are a specific type of hoop earring. These little hoops have a curved shape that hugs the ear. Stylish yet sophisticated, the slim earrings are a versatile option that you can wear on many occasions.

Bezel Earrings

Edged earrings feature ribbed holders, fully enclosing the metal hoop earrings that surround the sides of their precious metal-coated gems. Besides adding volume and form to the size, the bezel setting is an elegant and safe option that can be used on any gemstone or diamond shape.

Halo Earrings

Halo earrings have Halo settings, which are rings of small diamonds or gems that surround larger central stones. It is definitely glamorous, making them the perfect choice when you want to stand out from the crowd.

Dangling Earrings

Drop-shaped earrings hang under the earlobes, swaying with the wearer’s movements. Teardrop earrings are inherently eye-catching, so they’re the perfect way to spruce up your look. This style of earrings can also be called drop earrings and adds instant chic style with extra sparkle.

Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop earrings are earrings in the shape of a drop of water. The teardrop design is common on teardrop earrings, but any earring with a teardrop design can be considered a teardrop earring.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are a specific type of dangling earrings. These sophisticated earrings hang below the ears and feature tiers similar to chandeliers. If you’re looking for an earring that’s sure to sparkle on a special occasion, look for a pair of chandelier earrings.

Cluster Earrings

The cluster earrings design features clusters of precious stones. Cluster earrings can have a scattered shape or create a specific shape, such as a pattern. Cluster earrings can also be designed to give the illusion that a group of smaller stones is one larger stone. 

Single Earrings

More choice of style than an earring, an earring is exactly what the name implies:
an earring is worn alone. Wearing a single earring or dangling earrings is a confident and creative style choice. Simple earrings can be worn alone or as part of a mismatched earring look.

Different Types of Earrings


Pushback is the most popular style of earrings. This type of base slides into the back of the earring post, holding the earring in place by friction. You can find stud earrings or any type of earring with a classic straight pin, such as the elegant hoop earrings pictured above.

Back Screw

The screw back is a kind of earring that screws into place. They work similarly to pushback but are screwed in instead of pushed into place. Screw backs are safer earrings, so they are a great choice for more valuable earrings.

Rear Guard

The back of the guardian is a highly secure earring selection. These holders slide over your earrings and lock securely in place. These sturdy holders are ideal for heavy earrings and high-value earrings, such as high-carat diamond earrings.

Hinge Back

Hinges are a popular closure for hoop earrings. To wear an earring with a rear hinge, the wearer opens the earring on its hinge, slides the post of the earring over the earring, and then closes the hinged post completely until the earring is closed. close.

Leverage Back

Lever backs are a popular choice for drop earrings and other earrings with curved posts. These brackets have small levers that open and close on spring-loaded hinges.

French Hook

The French crochet is a simple crochet style commonly used for dangling earrings. French hooks are thin pieces of metal that have a hook shape similar to a fish hook. The wearer slides this holder over their earring, where it balances itself in place 바카라사이트